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Ocean Sensory Kit
Ocean Sensory Kit
Ocean Sensory Kit

Ocean Sensory Kit

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Dive into an ocean of fun and create your very own underwater world!

Feel the calm of the ocean with the extra soft Sillydoh sensory base infused with chamomile essential oils. Swim and sing along to songs of the sea with five different animal friends. Explore the underwater kingdom with them and go on a treasure hunt for shiny trinkets!

Just for you and your little one, each kit includes:

  • Sensory bin with lid
  • 5 ocean animal figurines
  • 800g Sillydoh (Aquamarine with Chamomile)
  • Set of 3 wooden tools in an eco pouch (scoop, tongs, sculpting spatula)
  • Silver shell case
  • Sea anemone
  • Sea plants
  • Decorative gems
  • Decorative pearls
  • Natural seashells
  • kechik organic cotton pouch
  • kechik interactive ocean animal flashcards
  • kechik play guide

Warning: There are small parts which are not meant for children under the age of three, or those who may have a tendency to place objects in their mouths. Parental guidance and supervision is advised.